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You waste 5 hours a year waiting for an advisor.

I can give that time back to you.


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Webchat Autopilot sends you a notification when the 'speak to an advisor' link appears.
Webchat Autopilot auto-clicks the 'speak to an advisor' link to gain an edge in getting into the queue.
Webchat Autopilot's auto-fill feature allows you to pre-complete your name and question for the HMRC webchat form.
Webchat Autopilot automatically retries submitting the  HMRC webchat form until you get into the queue.

Webchat Autopilot is the edge you need for HMRC webchat

  • The content of your webchat's will never touch our servers.
  • Any data collected (e.g. your name and email address) will be stored in secure UK-based data centres.
  • We will never sell your details to third parties.
  • Read more in our Privacy Policy

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Frequently asked questions

Do you store the content of my webchats?
No. The system I built has absolutely no need to do that, so it doesn't.
Do I need to create an account?
No. The plugin can work without an account. If you choose to upgrade you'll need an account so the system can create invoices, etc.
Are you a part of HMRC?
What kind of services does HMRC offer webchat for?
The services change every now and then. We have a list of the ones we've discovered at:
Why is it free?
The cost of supporting the free plan is how I'm choosing to spend the marketing budget. There are also paid-plans with a few more bells and whistles. Hopefully you will love the free plan so much that you'll see the value in upgrading to a paid plan 💗 I intend to always have a free plan.

For a better HMRC webchat

  • Notifications when the "speak to an advisor" link appears
  • Fill in the webchat form in advance
  • Automatically retry until you reach an advisor
  • And much more...

Rated 5 stars on the Chrome web store

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